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Crafts of India is happy to introduce some of the information about Indian Handicrafts.
India is a country of diversity, rich landscape and beauty of Indian crafts. There are more than 23 million craftsmen engaged in different craft sectors and it is estimated that there are over 360 craft clusters in India.
The craft of each state in India reflects the different culture and tradition. In each state have different crafts as well as different materials and different making processes.
For craftsmanship, each state using different materials like clay, wooden, metal, glass, leather, clothe, paper, plastic as well.

Here we are providing information for some of the crafts from each state

Crafts of Maharashtra

The expertise of the artisans of Maharashtra can be seen in the fine art and craft finishes. Maharashtra is a large state and as its geography is different, the art and craft traditions also vary. Maharashtra is the proud home to various different artistic techniques.

Each state is divided in district wise craft clusters.
Kolhapur  :- Kolhapuri chappals,
Sawantwadi – Playing cards, Dashavatar, Wooden Toys, Cars, Horses, Bullock carts, Small utensils, Fruits
Mumbai – Warli Paintings
Nagpur – Metal art


Aurangabad :-Bidri ware one of ancient crafts, for making of birdi ware zinc and copper used as a material. It usually involves intricate workmanship of pure silver, either embossed, overlaid or inlaid on the metal surface. Originally, Bidri ware items were used as Paan daans,gift articles, flower vases and  souvenirs ect.

Paithani and Narayan Peth Saree’s.


Wrought iron handmade craft from Nagpur Maharashtra.
Nagpur is one of the major wrought iron craft hub. Their products are elegant, stylish and traditional with artistic fusion. They make Wall Hangings, Home Decor, Key Holder, Decorative Figurine, etc.
1st any idea will drawn on paper, then they make template to cut individual parts, after that all parts will be cut by hand or hand tools by craftsman.
Then all parts will be welded as per template,
Once all parts will be welded, cleaning and painting work will be done and then product is ready to deliver.


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